Our candle and home essentials brand, Wax Oil Wick was recently featured in a workshop that focused on the essentials of crafting a brand for travel partnerships. The workshop was conducted by the renowned brand agency, PaperCandyDesigns, and led by the expert brand strategist, Danijah Coles. We are thrilled to have been selected for this spotlight opportunity due to our exceptional products and beautiful cohesive branding.

With our brand, collaborations and corporate gifting become effortless. Our products are not only perfect for personal use but also make an excellent choice for partnering with travel agencies, hotels, and other businesses in the travel industry.

Why Choose Our Brand for Custom Travel Accessories?

1. Exceptional Quality: Our products are crafted with utmost care and attention to detail. We ensure that every item meets the highest standards of quality, making them ideal for travel partners who value excellence.

2. Beautiful Cohesive Branding: Our brand stands out with its visually appealing and consistent branding. From packaging to product design, we have created a cohesive aesthetic that resonates with our target audience and partners.

3. Versatility: Our range of products offers versatility, making them suitable for various travel partnership opportunities. Whether it's customized travel accessories, branded merchandise, or exclusive gift sets, we have options to cater to different collaboration needs.

Benefits of Collaborating with Our Brand

1. Increased Brand Exposure: Partnering with our brand allows travel agencies and businesses leave a lasting impression for their customers.  This collaboration can significantly enhance brand visibility and recognition.

2. Enhanced Customer Experience: Our products are designed to enhance the overall customer experience. By incorporating our brand into their offerings, travel partners can provide their customers with high-quality, stylish, and functional products that elevate their travel experience.

3. Brand Alignment: Our brand values align with those of travel partners who prioritize quality, aesthetics, and customer satisfaction. Collaborating with us ensures a seamless integration of brand messaging and a shared commitment to excellence.

Corporate Gifting with Our Brand

In addition to travel partnerships, our brand is also an excellent choice for corporate gifting. Whether it's rewarding employees, expressing gratitude to clients, or creating customized gift sets for special occasions, our products make a lasting impression.

By choosing our brand for corporate gifting, businesses can showcase their thoughtfulness and attention to detail. Our high-quality products, combined with our beautiful branding, create a memorable gifting experience that reflects positively on the sender.


Being spotlighted in the workshop on crafting a brand for travel partnerships by PaperCandyDesigns and Danijah Coles is a testament to our exceptional products and cohesive branding. Our brand is the perfect choice for collaborations and corporate gifting in the travel industry. With our exceptional quality, beautiful branding, and versatile product range, partnering with us ensures increased brand exposure, enhanced customer experience, and a seamless alignment of brand values. Choose our brand for your travel partnerships and corporate gifting needs, and let us elevate your brand's presence and reputation.